3D Design Services

At Innovated 3D, we provide a full range of 3D design, mechanical design, and prototyping services to help turn your idea for a new product into a reality.

We also have extensive reverse-engineering expertise to help you refine or change the design of an existing product. Our team takes an innovative and can-do approach to product design and development, with expertise that is applicable to a range of different industries. From one-off product designs to products you plan to mass-produce, we have the skills, knowledge, and capabilities you are looking for.

Our Process

Our goal is to take your idea for a new product or part and to then design it so it performs as expected, has a low failure rate, and can be manufactured cost-effectively to fit in with your business model. Quality is built into the process from the start, plus we take a collaborative approach, involving you from the earliest stages and then through each step to ensure the design and final product meets your requirements and expectations.


3D CAD Modelling

Prototype Development & Design Refinement

Final Prototype Development & Next Stage Planning

Our Services and Expertise

Product & Industrial Design

3D Printing & Prototyping

Mechanical Design

CAD Modelling

About Us

We offer a full range of mechanical engineering, 3D design, and prototyping services at Innovated 3D. Our expertise includes new product development and reverse engineering.