All new product design projects are different, but most follow a similar process that starts with the conceptualisation phase. Our engineers will spend time understanding your idea and will develop a specification and design brief for the new product. We'll then create sketches and concepts of the product for your review, refining the idea based on your feedback. We'll also implement our quality control processes and we'll begin to think about materials and manufacturing techniques.

3D CAD Modelling

Once a concept is agreed, we'll move to the CAD modelling phase of the design process to develop a 3D representation of the product. This enables our engineers to test the design, see how it works, and make improvements where necessary. We can also model various types of design ideas, materials, manufacturing techniques, etc, to see which works best. As it is a 3D model, refinements can also be made to the visual appearance of the product to ensure it meets your expectations.

Prototype Development & Design Refinement

We'll then develop a prototype of the product, usually through additive manufacturing (3D printing). However, we also work with a range of partners and engineering workshops that can create prototypes using other manufacturing methods, including injection moulding, CNC machining, and more. The prototype is then assessed and tested, with conclusions and requests communicated to the design engineers to make further refinements, creating the product's final design.

Final Prototype Development & Next Stage Planning

We'll then develop a final prototype for testing, proof of concept, or small-batch manufacturing. This will be a fully functional working prototype. Our team can help you with next-stage planning as well. This includes ensuring the product is cost-effective to manufacture at scale, sourcing tooling for the manufacturing process, developing packaging and labels, designing the final product assembly processes, and finding a suitable manufacturing provider to make your product ready to launch in the marketplace.