Including functional prototypes

A crucial part of the product or part design process is producing a prototype that you can hold in your hand and physically inspect. As a result, 3D printing and prototyping are part of the services that we offer at Innovated 3D.

3D modelling and simulations are a fantastic addition to the design process and can help you visualise the product while also allowing engineers to test various ideas, materials, manufacturing processes, etc.

This helps reduce development time and costs, and it helps design engineers create better products. However, there comes a time in all product development projects when you need a physical representation of the product in your hand.

3D Printing

3D printing technologies have significantly advanced both product design and production techniques, not least because it speeds up the production of prototypes and reduces costs.

At Innovated 3D, we have access to a range of different 3D printing technologies depending on the type of product and its design. As a result, 3D printing is the ideal option for first prototype production in the early stages of the design process as well as, for some products, final prototype production and even product manufacturing.


For products and designs that are not suitable for 3D printing, we use a range of other manufacturing techniques to create prototypes of your newly designed product quickly and efficiently.

To find out more about our 3D printing and prototyping capabilities, please get in touch with us today.