Making product design more efficient

At Innovated 3D, we offer a full range of CAD modelling services. This includes CAD modelling as part of a full product design process where we will take sketches and concept drawings to create digital versions.

These models will be three-dimensional, making them important for product visualisation reasons as well as for the engineering design process.


With 3D CAD modelling, our engineers can refine the design of the product, test the impact of different materials, assess various production techniques, and analyse the functional performance of the product.

In addition to CAD modelling for product design, we also use CAD modelling to reverse engineer products. This enables us to redesign broken parts, for example, or create new production drawings for a product if new tooling is required.

Latest Technologies and Extensive Expertise

Our team includes skilled product design engineers with extensive experience using CAD modelling software to produce models, 3D representations, and production drawings for products and parts in a range of industries.

This includes high-precision parts and products as well as products and parts designed for high-volume manufacturing.

Whatever stage you have currently reached with your product design or development project, our CAD modelling services can help. Please give us a call on 0273411518 to arrange a free initial consultation.