The Efficiency of Our Process

The easiest and most cost-effective time to make changes to a product is as close to the beginning of the design as possible. The further into the design process you go, the complexity and cost implications increase exponentially.

We understand this at Innovated 3D, so our engineers will work collaboratively with you using our mechanical design and 3D modeling expertise to get the design and functionality of the product right as early in the process as possible.

Please call us on 0273411518 to discuss your idea for a new product in the strictest confidence.

Mechanical Design

Performance, quality, & manufacturability

You are the inventor and innovator who has come up with an idea for a new product, device, or part. Our role at Innovated 3D is to turn that idea into a reality using our mechanical design expertise.

We have extensive experience in mechanical design and engineering. This includes everything from the various manufacturing processes that are available, to different types of materials that can be used to manufacture your product. All this and more can impact the performance, quality, and manufacturability of your product.

As a result, we keep all these things in mind when going through the mechanical design process.

  • Performance – this involves ensuring the product performs as it is intended to perform.
  • Quality – we build quality into the design from the start to ensure efficient manufacturing and a reliable product.
  • Manufacturability – we also make sure the product can be manufactured at an affordable cost using DFM (Design for Manufacturing) principles.