Product Design

Turning your idea into reality

Our expertise at Innovated 3D covers all aspects of product design. This includes creating proof of concept products suitable for manufacturing in small batches. We also have experience designing and developing one-off products and parts for customers in a range of industries.

Our team will take your idea for a product, including any rough sketches you have, and will work it through our tried and tested design process starting with conceptualising and developing the idea before then creating a 3D CAD model, developing an initial prototype, refining the design, and then developing the final prototype.

To discuss your requirement for product design with complete confidentiality, please get in touch with us today on 0273411518

Industrial Design

Do you have a product idea you want to mass-produce? Do you have a mass-produced product but need to reverse engineer it to refine or change the design? We can help with all this and more at Innovated 3D.

Our team has extensive experience developing product designs using a wide range of materials and manufacturing techniques, ensuring the product can be manufactured efficiently, cost-effectively, and with a low failure rate – quality is central to our entire design and development process.

Please give us a call today to arrange an initial consultation.